The Farm at Eden Village

Eden Village Camp established the Farm at Eden Village in 2010, in partnership with the Jewish Farm School. Eden Village works with JFS to oversee the organic educational farm for the Summer program, develop our Jewish educational farm curriculum, and implement a variety of programs at Eden Village when camp is not in session.

The Farm at Eden Village is roughly 2 acres, with a ¼ to a ½ acre in production, ¾ acre in cover crop, and the rest in permanent raised-bed educational gardens. Its several elements include no-till raised beds; tilled production fields; a raised-bed, sunflower-shaped Jewish calendar garden outlined in stone; a medicinal herb garden; a sukkah in the middle of the farm; inviting shade structures; and much more! In 2010, we grew over 2,000 pounds of organic produce for our dining hall, as well as for a small local farm stand and two food pantries.

Our farm also includes a variety of animals, including two flocks of chickens, one or two milking goats, and baby and adult sheep, with expansion in the works for upcoming seasons. We use our eggs in the camp dining hall, and campers make our goat milk into cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. The “snack gardens” around each camp cabins offer a “vending machine in the ground” where campers can munch on perennial berries, cherry tomatoes, carrots and more.

In Fall 2010, we established our edible forest garden by planting 10 fruit trees alongside guilds of beneficial plants. Innovations for this season include cultivating shitake and oyster mushrooms, growing grapes and wheat for Shabbat, and beekeeping.

Our wonderful partner, The Jewish Farm School

Jewish Farm SchoolThe Jewish Farm School sprouted in 2006 from its founders’ vision of educational programs to help Jews reconnect with working the land and growing food. They are working towards establishing an accredited school for students seeking alternative modes of education in farming, animal husbandry, natural building and Jewish learning. We have worked closely with JFS, since our founding, and together have developed our farm site and farm-based programs. Click here to book the farm in the Spring and Fall!

In our efforts to learn more about the world around us, we’ve included a background image of one of the plant species native to our campgrounds. On this page you can find the:

American Beech

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