Beloved friend and colleague Jonah. We’ve been blessed to share your unbelievable vision, power, kindness and joy. You brought camp’s mission to life and transformed our land and community like no other. We will carry forth your vision.

The Jonah Meadows Adels Orchard

“This project is the unfolding of a dream; the labor and love to bring into being a fruit forest that will nourish kids and community for generations.”
                 ~Jonah Meadows Adels, 1984-2013



Donate to the Jonah Meadows Adels Fund to honor Jonah’s memory and bring forth his dream.

Or to mail a check,

      please make it out to Eden Village Camp and write “Jonah’s Orchard” in the memo, send to Eden Village Camp, 392 Dennytown Road, Putnam Valley, NY 10579.
Below is Jonah’s language for his orchard, which originally he called the “Pardes Brachot Community Orchard” (the Blessings Orchard).


Nourish and inspire our community for generations to come!

Each tree will represent a distinct blessing (bracha), story, or teaching.

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A diverse celebration! On the planting days, folks from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist and Renewal traditions will gather to plant the trees and learn.

100 trees and 100 blessings. Our sages say it’s a mitzvah to say 100 blessings (brachot) per day. Each tree will carry a unique sign with a Jewish blessing — a traditional bracha, a Midrash story, or a quote from a contemporary scholar. Walking the orchard will be a portal into gratitude.

Beyond the birthday of the trees.  The orchard will be an experiential teaching space for the richness of trees in Jewish life and culture, from the Torah to the Song of Songs, from the greening of the desert in early Zionism to the contemporary Jewish environmental movement.

Design and planting of the orchard, and the corresponding curricula, will reflect the intricate systems of a permaculture orchard and the sustainable relationships in a forest garden. The orchard will nurture profound experiences via its outdoor classroom, meditation garden, sfirot garden, and seating for outdoor seders and holiday celebrations. Families can return over the years to prune, mulch, and enjoy the trees’ growth!

The Jewish Food Movement and Tikkun Olam. The orchard will demonstrate how we can sustainably provide vast amounts of organic, local, carbon-neutral fruit for our communities for much of the year. It will offset carbon. And our planting and harvesting events will build diverse community – a beautiful macro-representation of the polyculture and interrelating species that will be supporting each other in the orchard!

Currently, the Farm at Eden Village is the only source of fresh produce for the Fishkill Food Pantry.