Teen Programs @ Eden

8th Grade: Keter on the Farm
An optional deep-dive farm skills program

9th Grade: Teen Apprenticeship Program
A journey through a rite-of-passage of adventure, responsibility, self-exploration and service

10th Grade: Food & Farm Road Trip
A 3-week farming adventure road trip traveling to Asheville, New Orleans, and Atlanta!

11th Grade: The Anafim Holistic Leadership Quest
Leadership training fused with real-life leadership and work experiences

12th Grade: Junior Staff
Junior staff are eligible for junior counselor positions, lifeguarding, kitchen staff, and more

Awaken your sense of being truly alive.

Discover and develop skills, interests, meaningful friendships, and a simple way of life that fosters connection, purpose and joy.

Push your edges.

Guided by mature, skilled staff, take risks and take on responsibilities that help increase self-confidence and commitment to tikkun olam (repairing the world)… and are a lot of fun!

Feel free to feel free.

Our inclusive community supports and strengthens each individual’s unique gifts and authentic self.

Program Descriptions

8th Grade – Keter on the Farm

In addition to their regularly scheduled activities, 8th grade Keter-ites will have a Farm Apprenticeship option! If these campers opt in, they will spend two bunk rotations and one chug slot each day on the farm, growing vegetables, herbs and fruit. In addition to having a blast, the Keter farmers will be trained to start and manage their own vegetable gardens once they leave.

9th Grade – Teen Apprenticeship Program (TAP)

Farm-to-table mastery, wilderness skills, herbalism instruction and amazing peers are all in store for our 9th grade teens. Through hands-on projects with our expert staff, our teens will deepen their connection with the natural world, live in joyful community, receive and offer mentorship, and experience a relevant, embodied Judaism that leaves them radically prepared for young adult life.
Our TAPers — as we call our 10th graders —gain skills in organic farming, wilderness survival, culinary arts, ropes course experience, herbalism and community leadership. They also have the option to participate in an extended farming internship to further enhance their agricultural skills. Apprentices take full advantage of all other Eden Village programs as well, receiving mentorship and participating in the full range of enhanced activities. In addition, TAPers will take an extended camping trip during the summer to allow them to spread their wings beyond camp for a time.
Our TAP campers experience the entire range of challenges, support and inspiration Eden Village offers. Our teens journey through rite-of-passage adventures, responsibilities, self-exploration and service – and emerge with increased confidence, skills, and awareness of themselves, their communities and the earth.

10th Grade – Food & Farm Road Trip

Many years of overwhelming camper, parent and staff requests for a new, outstanding program have culminated in our newest program, the 2017 Food and Farming Road Trip, specially designed for rising 10th graders.  Due to incredibly high demand, there will be two Road Trips in Summer 2017, one in the exact timeframe of the second session and one in the exact timeframe of third session.
Our inaugural RoadTrippers will travel aboard a coach bus and immerse themselves in the food culture spanning several states. They will spend time on small-scale organic farms, large-scale mono-crop farms and even urban farms, learning, evaluating the absorbing the food ethos of the region. Each visit will focus on hands-on projects involving harvesting, pruning, animal husbandry, seeding and other related activities. Soup kitchens, food pantries and lending a hand to communities in need will focus prominently in the itinerary as a way to bring our Jewish heritage to life and a means of bringing our vibrant Eden Village culture of kindness and social justice on the road.
These experiences will spiral as RoadTrippers also learn and discuss relevant Jewish texts and values, and consider how these philosophies inform their understanding of the ecological, socioeconomic and cultural qualities of each place they stop. Differing approaches to environmental issues adopted by various Jewish communities will be of interest as well. Most nights the RoadTrippers will camp, learning a variety of wilderness skills and helping prepare farm fresh, organic food over the campfire. Every Shabbat during the Road Trip will encompass the vibrant Eden Village spirit of song, prayer and meaning in various Jewish communities along the way. Check out our new Food and Farm Road Trip Webpage for more details!

11th Grade – formerly second year of TAP,  now The Anafim Holistic Leadership Quest

Leadership and work training, solo camping, ropes courses, trust building and conflict resolution techniques are some of the dynamic opportunities now available to older Eden Village teens. In our mission to support our rising 11th-graders as they branch out toward even greater responsibilities at camp and at home, we are delighted to roll out our new 8-week leadership training and work program, The Quest. Returning campers will recognize The Quest as an updated offering of our Anafim program, which has been adapted for 11th grade and enhanced to address parent and camper feedback.

The Quest will begin with holistic instruction in organic content areas relevant to Eden Village life. This will include developmentally targeted leadership training that combines best practices for teen education and support with our environmentally friendly, earth-based, holistic curricula. Teens will begin with the Coyote leadership training principles (we’ll send you a link to get the book!), and transition to focus on lessons fostering increased independence, recognition of power dynamics, breakdown of socialization cycles, conflict resolution methodologies, trust building exercises, and challenging behavior intervention techniques. From there, The Quest will alternate between guidance and implementation, engaging teens in real-life leadership and work experiences around camp while regularly spiraling back to instruction modules for support and debriefing.

To keep The Quest close to the Eden Village nest, teens will still be camp-based and select one of our three core work areas for in-depth instruction: counselor training, organic kosher food preparation, and lifeguarding. In addition, Quest participants will have daily work duties in the kitchen and elsewhere, and a long-term work project. The program also leaves time for the sacred space necessary for teens to experience deep inner reflection and bonding while simultaneously allowing for freedom and agency. Additional activities include storytelling instruction, leading an all-camp revolution, solo camping (optional!) and the ropes course challenge. It’s the ideal mix! First session is mandatory. Those enrolling for the entire eight-week program will be given preference; teens can register for a five-week option (first and second sessions or first and third sessions) but will be wait-listed.  Program limited to 12.

If teens from The Quest return to Eden Village to work as 12th grade Junior Staff, they receive a $500 signing bonus in addition to their regular salary.

12th Grade – Junior Staff

Rising seniors now have the chance to become Eden Village staff! They can apply to be a junior bunk counselor, lifeguard or kitchen staff – and earn $500 for the summer. A full summer commitment required. If seniors don’t want to be staff or aren’t hired, they are still welcome to apply for The Quest. Fill out this application to be considered for a Junior Staff position or click here to apply for The Quest.

If teens complete the entire eight week program of The Anafim Quest and then return to Eden Village to work as 12th grade Junior Staff, they are eligible to receive a $500 signing bonus in addition to their regular salary.