Fun with Deep Roots

Our campers nurture connections with themselves, their community, and the earth through six core program areas – Farm to Table, Music, Culinary Arts, Survival Skills, Herbalism, and Yahadut (Jewish spirituality) – as well as Art, Waterfront and more.

Farm to Table

From seed to harvest, our campers run our organic farm – including collecting eggs from the chickens, milking the goats, planting, composting, harvesting, pruning, setting up drip irrigation, and even designing and building new gardens around camp. Our campers develop the skills and confidence to grow their own food, and to preserve the harvest by making delicious jams, pickles, fermented vegetables, cider, cheeses and ice cream.


There’s no canned music at Eden Village, which makes space for our rich live music culture. Through guitar, ukelele and drum lessons, choir, song-writing, drum circles, song sessions and more, we come home from camp with music in our hearts.

Culinary Arts

Put on your chef’s hat and step into the kitchen where we turn the bounty of the land into delicious dishes and farm-to-table feasts! In our culinary arts center, campers work alongside experienced chefs to develop their cooking skills and prepare delicacies to share with the rest of the camp community. Areas of special focus include breads and pastries, cheeses, bountiful salads, soups and broths, dips, and vegan entrees and desserts. All the food we prepare and eat at camp is 100% organic, 100% kosher, 100% of the time.

Survival Skills

Gather round in the forest and immerse yourself in the wisdom of the trees. Our campers have the opportunity to build and tend fire, make their own bows and arrows, weave baskets, carve spoons and bowls, find wild edible plants, gain hazard awareness, and more. As campers play and explore, they grow their self-confidence and develop a profound kinship with the natural world.


You’re invited into a magical world of healing and friendship – our herbal apothecary. Our campers love making luscious salves, tasty syrups, fragrant teas, whimsical soaps, and simple but effective remedies, as we gain a foundation in botany, pharmacy, and DIY skills.

Yahadut (Jewish spirituality)

Jewish content infuses all our program areas. We love to have fun in our Jewish practice—because smiles and laughter grow community, friendships and our sense of self. We see Judaism as a path for living wisely and usefully with the whole of humanity.


In our pool, we enjoy recreational swim as well as instructional swim with Red Cross certification levels. In our gorgeous private 8-acre lake, we canoe, kayak, paddleboard and sail!

Crafting (Art)

Get creative in our art studio! Our campers tinker, experiment, and come home with their own jewelry, clothing, candles and Judaica. Our campers learn how to craft from the natural world around them, making beeswax candles from our hives, spinning their own yarn from fresh wool, and digging clay from the lake.You can learn to knit, sew, crochet, make natural dyes and mosaics, paint murals, and much more.


Achieve your goals, one step at a time! Through adventure activities such as a rock climbing tower, a ropes course, and archery, campers learn what they are capable of while building trust within themselves and with their new friends.

Teen Programs

Push your edges, try new things, make lifelong friends. Our teen offerings include the Malchut Program for 10th graders, the Adirondack Canoe Trip for 9th, 10th & 11th graders, the Eden Israel Experience for 11th graders, and a 12th grade junior counselor/staff program.


The daily afternoon free-choice festival. Swim, go tubing or boating, join a music jam, practice circus arts, play soccer or frisbee, make tea in the apothecary, relax in the art room… it’s up to you!

Chuggim (Electives)

In addition to getting a survey of our core offerings via bunk rotations, our campers choose chuggim that particularly interest them. Chuggim meet every day for several days, and it’s a great time to connect with like-minded peers and teachers and dive deeper into what’s juicy to you.


At Eden Village, we make Shabbat a party. On Friday, we get ready by making challah, harvesting flowers, creating skits and more. Once the musical Shabbat parade begins, we relax and celebrate. After fun and soulful services, we come together for a gourmet feast and singing into the night. On Saturday, campers start off the day by choosing from a variety of options including yoga, singing Shabbat morning prayers, or going on a group nature walk followed by a joyful community wide torah service. After an amazing Shabbat lunch, we have extended afternoon Shmooze options with relaxing Shabbat-friendly activities. We end Shabbat with a magical Havdallah dance party under the stars.


Throughout the day, campers have opportunities to be active during elective and shmooze times. From soccer, basketball, and the batting cage to quidditch and yoga, we offer a variety of movement options in a non-competitive, supportive environment.

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