Kruvim Program

Deriving from the Hebrew word karov, meaning “close,” Kruvim is the Eden Village inclusion program for children needing specialized support to experience camp. Kruvim provides the opportunity for extra support with executive functioning and social engagement to enable campers’ full participation in camp activities.

Eden Village believes that inclusion programming should be just that – inclusive. Unlike many programs that have separate housing or programming for children needing additional support, Kruvim campers live in the mainstream bunk for their age group. The goal of the Kruvim program is to empower campers to be fully a part of their bunk and every aspect of camp. 

With a lower counselor-to-camper ratio, an extra staff member always present in full-bunk moments, and the Camper Care team on call, the Kruvim program balances as needed one-on-one support with room for campers to engage independently in the adventures of overnight camp. All counselors in the bunk receive extra training on how to support their Kruvim camper, with one counselor, who will begin to develop a relationship with the camper prior to the summer, serving as their go-to point person.

The Kruvim program is designed for campers who need executive functioning and social skills support to take full advantage of the overnight camp experience. Our Camper Care team partners with each Kruvim family to develop an individualized support plan based on the camper’s unique abilities and needs. In conversation with parents, teachers, and treatment providers, we learn about your child and envision how we can help them be successful at Eden Village. A support plan can include, for example, accommodations for specific activities, designated times with one-on-one support, or additional social facilitation.

Kruvim is not appropriate for children who require all-day one-on-one support; the goal of the program is for children to experience camp alongside their peers, as part of their bunk. The Kruvim program cannot accommodate children who struggle daily with emotion regulation, act out physically, are unable to stay with the group, or behave unsafely toward themselves or others.

Rising 3rd-6th graders may apply to enter the Kruvim program by filling out the Eden Village Application and noting your interest in Kruvim. Once we receive your application, our Camper Care team will reach out to discuss if Kruvim could be a good fit for your child. Space in this program is extremely limited, and spots often fill within the first week of camp enrollment opening. If you apply after the program has filled, you may choose to join the Kruvim waitlist.

Kruvim campers’ support plans change every year based on each child’s evolving needs. Starting in 7th grade, an adapted Kruvim program, which reflects the needs and realities of teens’ growing independence, is available to returning campers as needed.

The Kruvim program does not have an extra cost. Kruvim is generously supported by donors so that the cost is equivalent to a standard session at Eden Village. Once accepted into the program, Kruvim families are required to pay a non-refundable deposit and purchase camp insurance (Program Protector) which costs between 5 to 7.5% of the total price of enrollment. Due to the high demand for this program, Kruvim enrollment is not eligible for our standard refund policy.

Questions? Email campercare@edenvillagecamp.org or schedule an appointment with Assistant Director Johanna Press.

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