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Eden Village Camp in the News

Our “No Body Talk” initiative in the NY Times, on ABC News, and Lilith Magazine!

“The camp’s ‘no body talk’ rule makes it “this utopian, wonderful kind of place where you’re not judged on anything except your spirit.”

June 19, 2014

“I love it because it comes within the context of education,”

“I love it because it comes within the context of education,” Tova Garr tells Lilith. “It actually frees girls up, and boys for that matter….the value isn’t just the environment, it’s being able to notice what kind of internal conversation you’re having with yourself. How much of our day is spent thinking about what we look like? For many girls, that’s a huge part of their day.”

January, 2016

Selected for Slingshot 2012-2015

For four years in a row we’ve been named one of the “50 most innovative and inspiring Jewish organizations in North America” by Slingshot! Read about us here.

On December 13, 2012, Speakers’ Lab presented “Is Jewish Education Broken?,” exploring new visions and models for liberal Jewish education in the 21st century. Skip to 19:20 and watch speaker on the left talk about Eden Village camp.

“Eden Village Camp Inspires Teens”

“With Eden Village Camp, I’m seeing a side of my children’s personalities that wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t had this chance to explore new ideas,” says Bluma Acocella.

March 14, 2014

Article about us from Switzerland!

Eden Village in the Jewish Week

Eden Village in the Forward

Please can we go to this camp?” my older son asked me after a parlor meeting in my town with the director of an overnight camp. “I really want to go!” my younger son said.

February, 2013

For Tu B’Shevat: Seeing Jewish farming

“A small but growing number of environmentally and socially responsible Jewish farms are popping up around the country to create a whole culture of Jewish farming combining biblical precepts of charity and gratitude with sustainable agricultural trends like permaculture and composting. One such farm is a joint venture by the Jewish Farm School and Eden Village Camp in Putnam Valley, N.Y.”

February 2012

Going Out on a Limb

“Yoni Stadlin does more than just talk about honoring trees on Tu B’Shevat — he devotes vacations to “speak” for them. A month ago, the 33-year-old Bala Cynwyd native flew to Northern California for his fifth stake-out high in the boughs of an ancient Redwood that would have been chopped down years ago if not for the continual presence of guardians like him.”

February 2012

“Eden Village Camp Creates a New Vision”

Where in the world can a young camper serve as a goat shepherd, make smoothies by a bike-powered blender, eat solar oven-baked challah, and experience a living Judaism that puts Jewish teachings about caring for the land into practice?

July 29, 2010

Eden Village in the Huffington Post

My visit this past week to Eden Village Camp, in Putnam County, was window into this age-old bond within a modern culture and timeless human occupation of working the land. It is the first Jewish overnight environmental camp for children, merging the movements to reintroduce nature into their technological fast-lane lives, discover and express concern for the environment, learn where food (especially healthy food) comes from – all while in a value rich program that celebrates Jewish traditions.

October 4, 2010

“Farm-To-Table Ethos Grows At New Camp”

Daniel, a yarmulke-wearing 13-year-old from Worcester, Mass., stopped pedaling the camp’s bike-powered blender (whipping up strawberry-banana smoothies) to answer a reporter’s questions. “I LOVE this!” he exclaimed. “I have made a bunch of friends here. I like the art and music, the herbalism and the soccer — all of it!”

July 28, 2010

“Repair the World Helps Build Eden Village Camp”

Campers engage in organic gardening and bee keeping, outdoor and wilderness adventure, green-friendly arts and crafts and natural sciences as well as weekly Shabbat celebrations and morning prayer and reflection time on the weekdays. Campers share locally-grown, mostly vegetarian meals – many of which they’ve helped to grow or cook.

June 28, 2010 Includes a slideshow.

“The Making Of First-Time Campers”

This is much more than kids coming and learning about film, music and culinary arts,” [Yoni] said. “We will also have the sense of ritual, the fun things they are going to be doing and learning together: meals, Shabbat celebrations, community service, nighttime activities and meetings.

June 22, 2010

“Where God Meets Green”

[I]nstead of games of tennis there will be pickling and permaculture. Rather than visiting the canteen for ice cream, kids will pick snap peas to munch from their bunk’s own “snack garden.”

June 16, 2010

“36 under 36: Vivian Lehrer, 29 and Yoni Stadlin, 31”

A day after Vivian Lehrer and Yoni Stadlin got married, they received the best wedding gift of all: a $1.1 million grant to pursue their fantasy project, a Jewish sleep-away camp focused on environmental sustainability.

June 15, 2010

“Specialty Camps Offer Angle for a Different Kind of Summer”

“We got some pushback saying starting a camp was a lot harder than you think — sort of like, when you convert to Judaism, you get told ‘no,’ ” [directo Yoni Stadlin] said. “But we found out this was a collective dream of many people.”

April 08, 2010

“Eden Village Camp: Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow”

Located one hour north of New York City, the beautiful camp aims to be a living model of a thriving, inspired, sustainable Jewish community, grounded in social responsibility and a vibrant Jewish spiritual life.

January 17, 2010

“How Green Is My Summer Camp?”

“Eden Village is not only the front edge of the Jewish environmental movement, but the future of the Jewish community,” incorporating many of the values the Jewish community cares about, said Nigel Savage, executive director of Hazon.

January 15, 2010

“How a greener Jewish summer can make a greener Jewish future”

Eden Village hopes to renew the “Jewish wisdom that speaks to the environmental concerns that today’s young people care about, creating a substantive, relevant Judaism that is attracting youth who otherwise might have chosen a secular camp.”

January 1, 2010

“Many camp menus are getting a makeover”

You may find a Campers work in the garden and share the fruits of their labor. Some of the plants campers grow are basil, mint, tomatoes and leaf lettuce.

December 17, 2009

“New Environmental Camp Nearing Opening”

Volunteers gathered to build trails, till fields, sing, and dance. The program plans to develop environmental awareness and Jewish identity and is the only camp with Jewish environmentalism as its founding principle.

The Yiddish Forward, July 2, 2009 — Click the image below to read the article (it’s in Yiddish!).

July 24, 2009

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