Explore all the exciting programs we have created for you, which you can do on your own schedule. From DIY instructional videos and Modeh Ani to Cooking with Chef Tom, there's something for everyone.

DIY Videos

Our DIY videos will walk you through the how-tos of your favorite Eden activities. There's Poi, Cheese making, tinctures, and so much more.


diy instructional videos

Join us on a journey to try new things! Explore all of our favorite chuggim – from home. Whittle, make tinctures, your own ink, and even your own cheese. Be sure to email us with pictures of what you create!

angel walk Radio show

Eden Village has hit the airwaves! Hosted by Simone, Josh, and Yoni, we aired six side-splitting live shows during HOME(in)STEAD. Filled with special guests, love prank calls, silly segments, and all the latest camp news, shmoozin’, and shenanigans. Really, all that was left was love.

chef tom with the food tour

It’s possible! You can bring Chef Tom to your kitchen and make your favorite Eden Village meals at home. Check out the recordings from our live shows to hear all of Chef Tom’s tips and tricks.

Spanikopita and Greek Salad // Three Sisters Chili and Corn Bread // Baked Pasta with Fresh Ricotta // Matar Paneer and Cucumber Raita // Tamale Pie // Miso Fish and Sushi Rice


Barterfest is an Eden Village Camp classic! Every summer campers spend weeks creating items fully from scratch to share and swap at Barterfest. While we can’t barter in person right now, you can definitely carry on the tradition of crafting from scratch and sharing your creations with you community!

Use the link below to learn how to organize your own Barterfest!


In our newest summer program, B’Emet (in truth), we met teens at the intersection of our core values to grapple with the shifting food system in our communities and beyond. Teens deepened their community and empowered one another to re-imagine how we feed ourselves, envisioning a roadmap to a healthier food system, society, and planet. The end result was two article written by the teens looking at the challenges small farms face and racial inequalities within our food systems.

Read about Small Farm Inequality and Racial Inequalities in the Food System.

modeh ani

We sang, stretched, danced and started our days with smiles – and you still can!

Catch recorded morning gratitude practices for any day of the week.

scavenger hunts

Join the fun! Below you’ll find three weeks of scavenger hunts to bring the spirit of kindness, love, and spirituality into your home.

diy videos

Get outside and start Homesteading.


Yes, all of our HOME(in)STEAD programs are free and accessible to all who want to join.

No, anyone is welcome to join almost all of our programs. Whether you were signed up for camp this summer, have never been, or it’s been a while – you are invited to join us.programs here

Why yes, thanks for asking. Please read through the following terms & conditions for the program.

Yes! You’re invited to share HOME(in)STEAD with your synagogue, school, or any family that could use a little Eden Village magic this summer.

If you’re an educator and want to share HOME(in)STEAD with your community, we’d love to support you — get in touch with us at johanna@edenvillagecamp.org.

Here’s a flyer you can use to share the programming, and some suggestions for how to use these resources to connect families.

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