Dates and Rates

Last year we had to turn away many campers due to full cabins, so we are opening enrollment for returning families only on October 6th.  On October 10th, enrollment opens for everyone.

Summer 2020 Dates & Tuition

Rising 3rd-8th Grades

Session Name Length Dates Entering Grade… Returner Rate Full Rate
by Nov 12 
First Session 14 days 6/29 – 7/12 3rd – 8th $3,275 $3,475
Second Session 20 days 7/14 – 8/2 3rd – 10th $4,775 $4,975
Third Session 20 days 8/4 – 8/23 3rd – 10th $4,775 $4,975
The Eden Journey Aleph 35 days 6/29 – 8/2 3rd – 9th $7,800 $8,000
The Eden Journey Bet 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 3rd – 10th $7,800 $8,000
The Eden Journey Aleph-Bet 56 days 6/29 – 8/23 3rd – 9th $11,800 $12,000

Rookie Programs for 2nd-4th Grades

Session Name Length Dates Entering Grade… Rate
Taste of Eden 1 3 days 8/7 – 8/9  2nd – 3rd $450
Taste of Eden 2 3 days 8/14 – 8/16  3rd – 4th $450

Apply $300 of your $450 Rookie tuition towards summer camp in 2021!

Teen Programs for 9th-11th Grades

Rising 9th Grade Programs

Session Name Length Dates Returner Rate Full Rate
by Nov 12 
Adirondack Wilderness Adventure Trip 14 days 6/29 – 7/12 $3,400 $3,600
Journey Aleph: Adirondack Trip + 2nd Session 35 days 6/29 – 8/2 $7,800 $8,000
Second Session @ Camp 20 days 7/14 – 8/2 $4,775 $4,975
Third Session @ Camp 20 days 8/4 – 8/23  $4,775 $4,975
Journey Bet @ Camp 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 $7,800 $8,000
Journey Aleph-Bet: Trip + 2nd + 3rd 56 days 6/29 – 8/23 $11,800 $12,000
The new backpacking trip is designed as an add-on to the Binah program at camp during 2nd & 3rd Sessions.
There will no longer be an extended camping trip during 2nd & 3rd sessions for Binah campers.

Rising 10th Grade Programs

Session Name Length Dates Returner Rate Full Rate
by Nov 12 
Food & Farm Road Trip (Second Session) 20 days 7/14 – 8/2 $5,000 $5,200
Food & Farm Road Trip (Third Session) 20 days 8/4 – 8/23  $5,000  $5,200
Journey Action: Road Trip (2nd Session)  + Project Climate Action (3rd Session) @ Camp 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 $8,100 $8,300
Journey Action: Project Climate Action (2nd Session@ Camp + Road Trip (3rd Session) 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 $8,100 $8,300
Project Climate Action (Second Session) @ Camp 20 days 7/14 – 8/2 $4,775 $4,975
Project Climate Action (Third Session)@ Camp 20 days 8/4 – 8/23 $4,775 $4,975
Journey Climate @ Camp 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 $7,800 $8,000
Introducing the new @Camp PROJECT CLIMATE ACTION for 10th graders for Summer 2020!

Rising 11th Grade Programs

Session Name Length Dates Returner Rate Full Rate
by Nov 12 
Project Pizza Anafim Road Trip 20 days 7/14 – 8/2 $5,000 $5,200
Journey Anafim: Project Pizza + Anafim LT 41 days 7/14 – 8/23 $7,000 $7,200
Anafim Leadership Training 20 days 8/4 – 8/23 $3,400 $3,600
Project Pizza open to all. Anafim & Journey Anafim is by application only.

Visit our Teen Programs page for full descriptions of all the teen program options.

Important Notes

Our tuition is all-inclusive. There are no additional mandatory fees. Field trips, intersessions, camp shirts, and all-you-can-eat organic, homemade food are all included!

Camp sessions start and end at 2:30 pm on Opening and Closing Days.

Payment due dates:

  • $500 deposit per session is due immediately upon application.
  • 50% payment is due by March 31, 2020.
  • Full payment is due by May 4, 2020.
  • Payment plans are available on request.
  • After April 1, cancellations or multi-session changes will be charged a $1,000 dropped session charge.

To meet us in person and talk in more detail about camp, call us at 877-397-3336!


The Eden Journey

Dig deep into the Eden Village experience in these almost five, six, or eight rich weeks! Campers joining us for the Eden Journey will have the opportunity to help lead and imagine camp programs throughout the summer, especially during their final three weeks. Campers will spend the intersession on an awesome intersession trip- available only to Journey campers.


Teen Food & Farm Road Trip

Farm-to-table skills, outdoor challenges and amazing peers! Through hands-on projects with our expert staff, our teens deepen their connection with the natural world, live in joyful community, receive and offer mentorship, and experience a relevant, embodied Judaism that leaves them radically prepared for young adult life. [Second and Third Session only] Learn more!


Anafim Teen Summer

Anafim means branches. It’s Eden Village’s program to support our rising-11th-graders in their transition of branching out and becoming staffers.  For 2020, this program is now 3 weeks long, during Third Session only. Learn more!


Summer Camp Discounts


For all returning campers, receive a $200 discount if you enroll by 11/12!


Receive a $150 discount if you pay in full by 11/12!


First child pays full tuition (minus any discounts and scholarships); each additional sibling gets $200 off! This applies to all of our summer camp sessions except Taste of Eden sessions.

Scholarships and Grants Available!

One Happy Camper Grant

(Must be first-time campers and not enrolled in Jewish Day School to qualify)

$1,000 off!

Eden Village and Other Scholarships

For info about scholarships, please read our Making Camp Affordable guide. Scholarship priority is given to campers who enroll by the early enrollment deadline of November 12th and submit their scholarship application within 30 days. Financial Aid applications are awarded first-come, first-serve and on a rolling basis. If you apply for camp AND apply for financial aid by November 12, you’ll hear back about your Financial Aid award by January 6.  Any financial aid applications submitted between November 13 and March 22 will hear back by April 1. Any campership applications submitted after March 22 will be considered only if funding is available for camperships at that time.

Additional Transportation Fees

There is a fee of $50 each way for a shuttle to/from Penn South Playground in Manhattan, Newark airport, or Philadelphia.

Cancellation Policy

The entire deposit is non-refundable. The exception is if you have requested financial assistance and do not receive enough aid to be able to send your child to camp – in this case we fully refund the deposit. To be eligible for this type of a refund, scholarship applications must be submitted within 30 days of enrollment and the award must be rejected within seven days of receipt.

We refund all but the $500, $1,000 or $1,500 deposit (depending on your session) up until March 15. After March 15 we cannot return any payment. After April 1, cancellations or multi-session changes will be charged a $1,000 dropped session charge.