Dates and Rates

Last year we had to turn away many campers due to full cabins, so we are opening enrollment for returning families only from Tuesday, Sept 6, until Sept 12th.  On Sept 12th, enrollment opens for everyone.

Summer 2017 Dates & Tuition

Session Name Length Dates Entering Grade… Hanukkah Rate Spring Rate Full Rate
by Dec 12 by Mar 15
First Session 14 days 6/26 – 7/9 3rd – 9th $3,000 $3,100 $3,200
Second Session 21 days 7/10 – 7/30 3rd – 9th $4,600 $4,700 $4,800
Third Session 19 days 8/2 – 8/20 3rd – 9th $4,450 $4,550 $4,650
The Eden Journey Aleph 35 days 6/26 – 7/30 3rd – 9th $6,725 $6,825 $6,925
The Eden Journey Bet 42 days 7/10 – 8/20 3rd – 9th $8,075 $8,175 $8,275
The Eden Journey Aleph-Bet 56 days 6/26 – 8/20 3rd – 9th $10,525 $10,625 $10,725
Exploration 1^ 6 days 7/4 – 7/9  2nd – 5th $1,085 $1,185 $1,285
Exploration 1.5^ 7 days 7/10 – 7/16 3rd – 5th $1,085 $1,185 $1,285
Exploration 2^ 6 days 7/25 – 7/30 3rd – 5th $1,085 $1,185 $1,285
Teen Road Trip 1 21 days 7/10 – 7/30 10th  $4,600  $4,700 $4,800
Teen Road Trip 2 19 days 8/2 – 8/20 10th $4,450 $4,550 $4,650
Anafim 8 weeks 6/26 – 8/20 11th $3400 $3500 $3600

Important Notes

Our tuition is all-inclusive. There are no additional mandatory fees. Field trips, intersessions, camp shirts, and all-you-can-eat organic, homemade food is all included!

There’s no need to pay full price! We are unique among camps in offering early enrollment discounts, rewarding our families who plan ahead with camp.

Camp sessions start at 2:30 pm on Opening Days and end at 11:30 am on Closing Days.

Payment due dates:

  • $500 deposit per session is due immediately upon application (Deposit for Journey Aleph and Bet is $1000, Journey Aleph-Bet is $1500).
  • 50% payment is due by March 31, 2017.
  • Full payment is due by May 3rd, 2017.
  • After April 1, cancellations or multi-session changes will be charged a $1,000 dropped session charge.
  • Payment plans are available on request.

^The Exploration session is embedded in the second week of First Session and the third week of Second Session. Closing Day will be the same for both sessions.

To meet us in person and talk in more detail about camp, see when Eden Village will be in your neighborhood or call us at 877-397-3336!


The Eden Journey

Dig deep into the Eden Village experience in these five, six, or eight rich weeks! Campers joining us for the Eden Journey will have the opportunity to help lead and imagine camp programs throughout the summer, especially during their final three weeks. **Please note financial aid is restricted to a maximum of 25% of tuition less discounts for all Journey sessions.**

Family Camp 2017

Friday, June 9  –  Sunday, June 11, 2017

Our beloved Family Camp offers families a taste of our core program: outstanding Kosher organic food, farming, animal care, swimming, boating, hiking, yoga, meditation, creative arts, discovering wild edibles, skill-shares, coming together in joyful and restful Shabbat celebration and more.

The Family Camp program is geared toward families with children age 3 and up. We’d love to share the experience with you! Learn more about Family Camp and registration information….

Summer Camp Discounts


Receive a $100 discount if you pay in full by 10/20/16!


First child pays full tuition (minus any discounts and scholarships); each additional sibling gets $200 off! This applies to all of our summer camp sessions except Exploration sessions.

Scholarships and Grants Available!

One Happy Camper Grant

(Must be first-time campers and not enrolled in Jewish Day School to qualify)

$1,000 off!

Eden Village and Other Scholarships

For info about scholarships, please read our Making Camp Affordable guide.

Additional Transportation Fees

There is a fee of $50 each way for a shuttle to/from NYC’s Penn Station and Laguardia airport.

Cancellation Policy

The entire deposit is non-refundable. The exception is if you have requested financial assistance and do not receive enough aid to be able to send your child to camp – in this case we fully refund the deposit.

We refund all but the $500, $1,000 or $1,500 deposit (depending on your session) up until March 15, 2017.  After March 15 we cannot return any payment.

After April 1, cancellations or multi-session changes will be charged a $1,000 dropped session charge.


Please help make Eden Village Camp financially accessible to all Jewish children who would benefit from this transformative experience! Absolutely any amount helps. Donate now!